What are my responsibilities

There are a number of responsiblities you will need to consider as a tenant.  Please see below some guidance information.


Once you have found a property you would like to proceed with, you will be required to make an offer so both parties have the opportunity to agree the terms of the let. This means providing a preferred move in date, confirming the rent amount and your current work and income status.


HOLDING CHARGE: Once you have found a property, you will be required to pay an initial holding charge calculated at 1 weeks rent for application. You agree that the holding deposit will be put towards either the first months’ rent.  fw Estate Agents will retain the holding charge If you pull out of renting the property, fail a right to rent check, provide false or misleading statements and If you have been unable to exchange signed contracts within 15 calendar days of taking a holding deposit due to you not being able to sign contracts. The 15 calendar days can be extended by any period, provided you have mutual written agreement from yourself and the landlord.
If the landlord decides to withdraw for a reason other than references or removes the property from the market, this holding fee will be refunded in full.



Description Fee / Charge VAT Total
First Month’s Rent In Advance As agreed
Security Deposit

Up to £50,000 rent


(5 weeks rent)


Over £50,000 rent


 (6 weeks rent)
Tenant Changes £50.00 £10.00 £60.00
Tenant arrears charge default notice £50.00 £10.00 £60.00
Tenancy Surrender plus reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord £50.00 plus £10.00 £60.00 plus
Lost keys/security device (plus cost of replacement) management cost £50.00 £10.00 £60.00
Energy efficiency Charges £50.00 £10.00 £60.00


VAT is calculated at the current rate 20% and is subject to alteration in line with any rate change


All tenants will need to pass the following referencing process to qualify for the chosen property

  • Attend in person by appointment  with their Passport, Visa if required or alternative Right to Rent documentation. and proof of address (bank / utility bill)
  • Address dated within the last 3 months
  • Positive landlord references or proof of ownership where applicable
  • Minimum of 6 months continuous full time current employment
  • Earnings a minimum 2.5 times share of rent
  • A good credit history – no CCJ’s, bankruptcy, IVA’S etc
  • Satisfactory character reference. In cases where a guarantor is required, they will also be required to pass above criteria with either salary or savings at least 3 times annual rent amount. Permitted Occupants (all persons over 18 moving in, not named tenants) also need to be referenced, results not dependant on affordability or employment status.


RENT PAYMENTS: Once you have moved in you will be required to set up a monthly standing order for future rent payments two days before the rent due date.

UTILITIES: It is the responsibility of the tenant to pass on meter readings to the appropriate utility companies and ensure accounts have been transferred into their names. We can provide you with details for Utility – an online system set up to help you transfer you utilities with ease. You will need to seek permission before changing the current provider.

REPAIRS: Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, even in brand new homes. Whether your property is managed by fw estate agents or by the landlord direct, we’ll ensure you have the right contact details at the start of your tenancy, should something happen.


NOTICES: Notice to end the tenancy can be given by either the tenant or the landlord. However strict rules apply to protect tenants from having to leave without adequate notice, similarly tenants must also provide certain notice. The amount of notice required is usually between one and two months, however neither the tenant nor the landlord can end the agreement during the fixed term of the tenancy unless both parties agree. Notice periods must be in accordance with the Housing Act. When you sign your agreement through fw estate agents, we’ll talk through this with you in accordance to your tenancy agreement.

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