Selling advice

When it comes to marketing your property there are numerous magazines and television programmes advising you how you should present your property and whether you should improve it before marketing.

We would recommend that you consider our advice before committing to any major expense prior to marketing as any improvements may not necessarily lead to an increased sale price or in fact make the property more marketable.

First Impressions Count

We suggest that you take a good look at your property starting with the outside. Sweeping pathways, trimming hedges, mowing lawns and weeding is a good start. Keep the driveway clear and leave room for potential buyers to park. In the summer months think about replanting flower tubs. A front door which sticks, won’t open or has chipped paintwork should be fixed to avoid a bad first impression.

Presenting Your Home for Sale

Spending time on presentation and tidying will generally create space and give the impression of a well maintained and cared for home. Pull back curtains and lift blinds to let light into rooms and leave doors open. Fresh flowers can be expensive but do soften a room; alternatively use silk flowers mixed with fresh follage.

Avoid strong food odours.  Cooking foods such a fish or curry before a viewing will leave a lingering smell.

During the winter months you should make your home warm and welcoming, using background lighting to best effect. Keep the television and radios low and keep pets out of the way when potential buyers visit. Visitors who don’t like dogs or cats will rarely admit this even if asked and are a distraction to the purpose of their visit.

Do not let small outstanding repairs distract a potential buyer from the first impression of your property. Attention to the smallest details is important.

Organisation of Rooms

A home will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose as this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.

If some decoration is required before the house comes onto the market, then pale neutral colours always work best as they make rooms appear bigger and brighter. Add colour through pictures and soft furnishings to give your home warmth and appeal.

Useful Feedback

When the property is on the market, we will provide feedback on viewings via your Personal Property Hub. This is very important in helping to decide whether any outstanding works are becoming a factor if the property is not selling.

Speak to Us

We’re able to advise, support and help you through the selling process using the personal property hubs.  If you have any questions contact us on 0330 043 0472 or

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