Supporting the conservation of animal species from all over the World whose natural habitats are under threat.

We live in a changing world – one in which humans have had a huge impact on our planet through hundreds of years of industrial development, urban expansion and air pollution. It is now the responsibility of us as humans to help protect those environments and species that have suffered as a result.

We have launched the Nomad Campaign to support 9 different endangered animal species by helping to educate people about them and raising money for the World Wildlife Fund.



Drop into any Howard Cundey Live hub to pick up a World Map. There are stickers to collect for each of our chosen animals.
can you collect them all and find out where in the World they live?

There are also postcards to collect – look carefully and you might just find out some animal facts that you didn’t know before!
At Howard Cundey Live each hub has enjoyed getting to know the species that they are supporting, and we hope you will too! It is only
by understanding these animals, that we can hope to conserve nature and reduce the threats facing the diversity of life on Earth.

If you’d like to support our initiative, please visit your local hub – or to donate to the WWF, please visit

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