Meet the Team

Meet the FW Estate Agents Team

Tim Foulkes and Barry Warner offer a personalised digital agent experience so their customers a real choice on how they choose to sell or let their home.

FW Estate Agents is run by friendly experienced property experts, backed by an multi award winning team,

We move you forwards whatever your property journey..


Meet the Team

Tim Foulkes Dip Rea CPEA Assoc RICS

Tim Foulkes Dip Rea CPEA Assoc RICS CEO

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How did you get into estate agency?      Do you remember your first year ?


I had been accepted  into University to do a  photojournalist degree course  but I needed a summer job.

I applied for a job advertisement about selling houses and playing golf. during the interviews I was told I would not be playing golf and  had mis-read the advert.

They liked me and  I landed my first trainee sales negotiator role with Mann and Co Dover Kent  The training was incredible and I sold their first property for 3 months and  got promoted within 3 months and moved to Folkestone office.

I quickly progressed and started valuing properties after training and on the job shadowing.


My first valuation was one I will always remember as the client who was a big chap about 6.7  took me on a tour, let me into the cellar, turned off the lights and  then locked me in eventually letting me out thinking it was really funny…

I got noticed by another estate agent and they offered me a pay rise and a company car so I started working with  them and I loved what I was doing so much that I did not attend the photojournalist course and have never looked back.


What is the best thing about being an Estate Agent?

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of what people really want and why, and then finding it for them. Not forcing them to buy something they hate.
But also negotiating, I thoroughly enjoy learning how to get everyone to meet in the middle when we are at a stalemate. I have made some really good lifelong friends from clients over the years. Being an honest agent seems to be hard to come by, so people trust me.


Have you ever sold or let a property to someone famous?

I have had clients that are sports, Film, Former Prime Minister, Tobacco Dynasty home and Television personalities.

What are the key aspects when negotiating a house sale/let?

Taking control of the transaction as an agent is so important. If a buyer or a tenant are dictating to me, I am not in control and I have to be in control in order to get things done effectively. But in order for this to happen, I have to have built a good rapport with the clients

How important is having a good reputation?

For me, it always has been and always will be the most
important thing. My conscience wouldn’t let me sleep at night if
I let somebody down or did something to upset them. Buyers or sellers, it really doesn’t matter. A good reputation goes a very
long way.


What are some important questions a seller or a landlord should ask you on a listing presentation?
How long does the process normally take?

How long might it take to find my buyer?

Shall I start looking for a property now?
Do I tell my tenants I’m selling (if rented)?

Do I ask my tenants to leave now?

Can you recommend a financial advisor and

How do you plan to sell my house? If we get multiple
offers how will I or you decide which buyer to go with?

How long does it take from when we find a buyer to when we are
moving home?

How do you value a property?

Knowing my area, being an expert in my area is essential. I put together a best price guide with comparable properties which are sold and unsold. I obtain as much information about the house and its current condition as possible


After negotiating a sale, how do you deal with the after-sales. Getting deal to completion?

I set deadlines for the buyer to meet, I set anticipated exchange and completion dates for the solicitor to work towards and within 48 hours I expect solicitors & mortgage brokers to be instructed and fees on account for searches and surveys. Ideally, at least 1 party will be using the solicitors I work with who are amazing and who I trust completely.
I will not bother the solicitors but merely ask for updates as and when I expect things to have progressed.


I have built my success and my reputation on being personal and working with my clients to meet their needs. I am kind and I am not just about the money. I genuinely care about my clients and their circumstances. I will advise and guide them continuously throughout the process, I am the only point of contact.

Barry warner

Barry warner Sales and Lettings Director

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john Sparks

john Sparks Sales and Lettings Manager

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Sue wright

Sue wright Administration Manager

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Emma Unsworth

Emma Unsworth Brand Consultant

Aaron Foulkes

Aaron Foulkes Social Media Consultant

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